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RDVIC has two volunteer options 1) Volunteer Advocates and 2) Auxiliary Volunteers. Both positions provide vital support to the mission of the RDVIC. If you would like to become one of our volunteers, please read the job descriptions then fill out and return our application form below.

1) Volunteer Advocates

Abuse can happen anytime, anywhere, Volunteer Advocates respond to RDVIC’s 24 hour hotline for victims.. Volunteer Advocate shifts are:

Monday through Friday starting at 5 p.m. and ending at 9 a.m. the next morning

Saturdays and Sundays 9 a.m. ̶ 9 p.m. or 9 p.m. ̶ 9 a.m.

Description of Duties

Volunteer advocates work out of their homes. They use their cell phones or home phones to respond to crisis calls. Some of the services they may provide to victims are:

  • talk on the phone with victims providing support, information and discussing their options
  • transport a client to shelter
  • assist a client with filing a Domestic Violence Protection Order at Magistrate Court
  • provide advocacy at hospitals


Volunteer advocates must complete at least twenty (20) hours of training before becoming active volunteers.

2) Auxiliary Volunteers

Auxiliary Volunteers help with a variety of agency activities such as our

  • holiday gift wrap fundraiser
  • provide support for events for Sexual Assault Awareness and Domestic Violence awareness months
  • provide support for the United Way Greatest Garage Sale fundraisers.

(Auxiliary Volunteers are not required to attend volunteer training.)

What is the first step to become a volunteer?

Click here to download a volunteer application

Submit the volunteer application along with two letters of recommendation

  1. via fax at (304) 292-0204
  2. mailing it to
    PO Box 4228
    Morgantown, WV 26504
  3. or emailing it to rdvic99@earthlink.net

Once our Volunteer Coordinator receives and reviews your application, you will be asked to come in for an interview. When accepted, you can attend training classes.

What is volunteer training?

Volunteer training is held at least four times a year at the RDVIC office and consists of twenty (20) hours of training on how to take a crisis call, a shelter tour, plus instructions for responding to the answering service, how to complete client report forms and shelter packets, and how to advocate for victims.

Who teaches the training?

RDVIC staff members teach the classes. Each volunteer is given a manual containing the information needed to provide support to victims. Counselors will be available to answer your questions.

What happens if I decide after training that I don’t want to continue to be a volunteer?

We will understand and accept that you have decided not to volunteer at this time. We will ask you to always keep our location confidential for the safety of all involved.

What are some of the requirements for volunteering at RDVIC?

  • We ask that you sign a contract committing to at least six (6) months as a volunteer.
  • We ask that you take at least two shifts a month.
  • Another requirement is that you must have a car to be available to pick up a client for shelter or to go to the hospital on a domestic situation or sexual assault call.
  • You may need to transport a client to file a Family Protection Order. However, we may be able to make exceptions for volunteers who do not have a vehicle.
  • Because our resource are very limited, you must be available to complete your volunteer shifts!

What support can I expect from RDVIC?

RDVIC has a mentor program. When volunteers are on call, a staff member is available to advise and answer your questions. Mentors carry a cell phone to be available for your calls.

What if I would get two calls at one time?

No problem! Your mentor will be available to take calls until you are able once again to handle the calls. The mentor is there for your questions and to support you.

What additional training is available for volunteers?

Volunteer meetings are held once a month. These meetings only last one (1) hour and are very important. At least four (4) in-service trainings are held during the course of the year. When you become a volunteer, you agree to attend monthly meetings and the in-service trainings. Trainings help volunteers to update their manuals and learn about new laws or policies that affect sexual assault or domestic violence victims.

RDVIC Volunteer Commandments:

Confidentiality must be maintained at all times
  1. The agency must be notified immediately of a volunteer’s desire to change status
  2. Volunteers must agree to seek peer/supervisory support.
  3. Volunteers must agree to adhere to policies/procedures for practice set forth by our Board of Directors.
  4. Volunteers must agree to attend monthly meetings, within reason.
  5. Volunteers must honor commitments.
  6. Volunteers must agree to arrange replacements when scheduling changes must take place and to notify the office of all changes made.
  7. Volunteers must direct all concerns to the Volunteer Coordinator.
  8. Volunteers must represent the agency in a positive manner.
  9. Volunteers must keep appropriate agency documentation and submit such to the agency.
  10. Personal beliefs (religious, moral, etc.) must be kept separate from professional interventions.
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